Ben has played an important role in shaping
many of the great leaders we have in the
business today. On a personal note he
has supported my leadership journey
as CEO and I fully recommend his
approach for leaders wanting to
maximise their potential.
Richard Solomons, CEO InterContinental Hotels Group

What I’m About

I spend my time working with individuals, teams and organisations focused on the leadership agenda.
This means defining what leadership is and putting it at the centre of thinking, conversation and action. Leadership happens when we recognise that it’s not a role, or a pay grade – it as a mindset and a way of being.

We still tend to adopt an old idea that one person, political party, organisation or country is going to have the answers. In the new world we need to take responsibility for making the right things happen in sync with the right people around us.
Having run senior leadership development programmes around with the world including ‘Leading with Purpose’ for IHG, ‘Leading with Purpose & Values’ for Heathrow, and ‘Authentic Leadership’ for Home-Retail Group, coached CEO’s and Presidents of organisations and written seven books one of my greatest insights is that before you get busy doing lots of things, stop and define your purpose. Once you define your purpose your life will transform. Your purpose will guide you in the direction you really want to go.
We have one life. It’s not a dress rehearsal. It’s only too easy to catch yourself waiting for some mythical event to happen believing it’s going to provide the answers you’re looking for. I once coached a successful executive in his mid-40’s, unfulfilled in his role. I asked him, ‘What is your best bet for happiness?’ The response? “Retirement - only 25 more years of misery, then watch me, I’m going to have a great life.” This is not clever.
Life is too short to just have a job, make lots of money, miss your kids’ school plays, not see your friends, cut short your holidays and be permanently exhausted. I genuinely believe that we’re here to discover our purpose and then let it inspire us to do our best work and live our best lives.

ben's top ten

1.  I started life out as a violinist growing up as a musician. I loved playing unaccompanied Bach.
2.  I’m a student of A Course in Miracles. It’s the greatest spiritual text I’ve come across.
3.  I love working across the globe. I run leadership events and coach leaders in Asia, Middle-East, Australasia, America and Europe.
4.  I want to be remembered for helping others be even more of who they already are.
5.  Unfortunately I follow Leeds United, a team of underachievers.
6.  I meditate each day to help me remember what’s real.
7.  I married Veronica from New Zealand, live in London and spend every winter down under.
8.  My kids are the best thing in my life.
9.  I Love Apple. Genius.
10.  My purpose is to be the presence of truth. I’m only interested in discovering what’s real.

who i've worked with

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