Your ability to learn faster than others
is a major competitive advantage


Be Inspired. Inspire Others.
Ben Renshaw brings together rich insights with practical experience, inspiring you to be the best leader you can be. Based on twenty years of coaching top-level leaders in FTSE 100 companies such as Coca-Cola, Heathrow, Heinz, Home-Retail Group, IHG, Sky and Unilever, Renshaw infuses LEAD! with the real business at hand: how to lead with purpose and authenticity in order to increase your leadership impact.



The missing ingredient for high performance
SuperCoaching is for anyone wanting to succeed in a frenetic and unpredictable world. Coaching is an extremely successful new trend: a coach is a cross between a psycho-analyst and personal trainer, someone who is there to motivate and inspire you to work things out for yourself. This book means that you don't have to find your own personal coach - everything you need to know is here. Getting the job done is no longer good enough: relationships, whether with colleagues, customers, friends and family, are our greatest asset and the key to career success and personal happiness.


Successful But Something Missing

Daring to enjoy life to the full
This book is aimed at anyone interested in improving and enhancing their quality of life. So often our greatest motivator is to be 'successful' - and we strive mightily to achieve a long list of things - a good job title, a car, a house, a relationship etc. - only to feel disillusioned and empty once we've got them. Ben Renshaw shows how true fulfillment comes from finding a healthy balance between the spheres of mind, body and soul.


Together But Something Missing

How to create and sustain successful relationships
Power struggles - Lack of communication - Unconscious needs - Fear of rejection - Different interests - Out of date habits - Fear of intimacy - High expectations - Too busy.If even one of these issues causes problems in your relationships, then this book is for you. As Britain's top personal development guru - and married himself - Ben Renshaw is able to throw strong light on what we can all do to improve our relationships, no matter what the problem.


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