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" The best way of delivering
great performance is
through developing
great people "
" An organisation will only be
as successful as the talent
it attracts, retains
and develops "
" Managers need to be great coaches
in order to help a company enjoy
sustainable success "
" The real value a manager creates
is enabling others to be
the best they can be "
" Telling people what to do is a
short-term remedy. Coaching
people how to be is a
long-term solution "
" Your reputation as a manager is
determined by the talent you
attract and develop "

What's it all about...

Coaching Skills is a development solution designed for organisations to accelerate the growth and capabilities of senior managers. By raising the quality of coaching a company helps to grow people, raise performance and deliver outstanding results. It is essential that any Coaching Skills Programme is sponsored by Senior Executives and aligned with the core strategy in order to ensure sustainable success.
Coaching Skills is based on Ben Renshaw’s philosophy, methodology and insight drawn from training thousands of managers over the last decade. He is the co-author of SuperCoaching with Graham Alexander who is the originator of GROW, the most commonly used coaching model in business. What clients say:
  • Ben has supported Sky in the development of a culture of coaching, through delivery of coaching skills programmes. He demonstrates an absolute commitment to adding value, and to enabling people to be successful.  He ensures that his programmes are pragmatic and well integrated with the wider context, and he provides a huge level of support to individuals through his professionalism, personal presence and quality of his attention.  Feedback on Ben’s work has always been outstanding, and it’s been usual for people to name Ben’s programmes as among the most interesting and rewarding days they have spent at work that year.
    Kerry Macready, Organisation and Talent DevelopmentBSkyB *
  • Our coaching skills programme with Ben Renshaw has provided a strong foundation for our senior managers to accelerate the development of their top talent, manage performance more effectively and increase commitment to deliver results through people.
    Becky Ivers, Director of Organisational Development Premier Foods *
* Delivered in collaboration with Success Intelligence
** Delivered in collaboration with The Alexander Partnership

Coaching Skills

Great coaching enables people to go beyond what they think is possible

Coaching Skills is based on essential principles for getting the best out of people:
  1. Creating a learning environment of high support and challenge.
  2. Focusing on playing to strengths.
  3. Having open and honest conversations
  4. Creating clear outcomes and trusting people to deliver.
  5. Encouraging others to stretch their own performance.
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