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" Coaching raises self-knowledge
to be your best self "

" Coaching is the most effective
way of going beyond what
you think is possible "

" Coaching is a mirror showing you
the truth about yourself "

" Coaching draws out the essential
answers that lie within "

" Coaching creates the necessary
time and space to work out
what’s most important "

" Coaching helps you think
better thoughts than
you did yesterday "

What's is all about...

In our fast paced, action-orientated worlds coaching gets you to pause and re-evaluate. It is one of the most helpful ways of getting top leaders to focus on what’s most important and prevent them from getting lost in detail. The essence of Leadership Coaching is “tough love”, which calls on people to overcome perceived limits to their own potential and take the necessary steps to go beyond what they think is possible.
Ben has provided one-to-one coaching across the world for top leaders focused on supporting senior promotions, integrating successful transitions, starting up new offices, bringing together new teams, navigating challenging relationships, delivering stretching targets. What clients say:
  • "Ben really did work a miracle with his coaching. He is exactly the right type to work with energetic, creative and opinionated leaders. I couldn't recommend him more highly".
    Sophie Turner Laing Sky Managing Director, Entertainment, News & Broadcast Operations *
  • "Allen & Overy is one of the only global elite firms with offices in Australia. Since opening the practice in February 2010, Ben has played an instrumental role helping me provide the right level of strategic and inspirational leadership to engage our partners and excel with our clients."
    Grant Fuzi, Allen & Overy Managing Partner *
  • "Ben injects energy and passion into all his coaching ensuring his interventions have lasting impact. His style enables one to get to the heart of the matter and move quickly to action."
    Imelda Walsh, HR Director Sainsbury’s **
* Delivered in collaboration with Success Intelligence
** Delivered in collaboration with The Alexander Partnership

Leadership Coaching

Even when you are at the top of your game there is room for a next step.

Leadership Coaching is grounded in a profound model of leadership that consists of 5 essential elements:
  1. Having a clear identity.
  2. Defining an inspiring vision.
  3. Building authentic relationships.
  4. Creating great performance.
  5. Developing sustainable growth.
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