" The role of a leader is to inspire
and engage others. "

" The way to inspire others is
to be purpose-led. "

A great leader
understands the fundamental
shift between ‘doing’
and ‘being’.

" The main responsibility of
a leader is to get the best
out of others. "

" Leadership means knowing
who you are. "

" The secret to leadership
– be authentic. "

What's it all about...

Everyone has the innate ability to lead, however it’s all too common to find people in positions of leadership who have not embraced formal leadership development. My approach to developing leaders is based on accelerating the capacity to leverage 4 Intelligences: PQ – Physical Intelligence (impact, energy, wellbeing); EQ – Emotional Intelligence (empathy, conversation, connectivity); IQ – Intellectual Intelligence (cognition, creativity, decisiveness); SQ – Spiritual Intelligence (purpose, values, meaning). The essence of how to develop as a leader is the willingness to grow and be more of who you already are.
Developing Leaders brings together Ben Renshaw’s latest insights based on his work running senior leadership development programmes around the world including ‘Leading with Purpose’ for InterContinental Hotels Group, Leading with Purpose & Values for Heathrow, and Authentic Leadership for Home-Retail Group. 
What clients say:
“At Heathrow we believe that the quality of our leadership will ensure we deliver our purpose of 'Making Every Journey Better'. Ben is a key strategic partner in developing our senior leaders and is an inspiring illustration of his principles and practices”.
Paula Stannett, HR Director Heathrow
"Ben provides an environment for people to clarify their purpose, passion and personal vision, and therefore build an intimate understanding of the motivators of work."
Kirk Kinsell, President Americas, InterContinental Hotels
"Our work together on developing inspirational and effective leaders not only produces long lasting results for the organisation, but also transforms people's lives. I consider our partnership a true success."
Sian Evans, Head of Talent & Development Home Retail Group

"You are doing real pioneering work which has certainly helped our leaders in these rapidly changing times. You demonstrate great flexibility in adapting to our front-of-mind issues and helping us be equipped to win."
Alastair Gilmour, Managing Director, Shell

Developing Leaders

Developing Leaders are intensive development programmes ranging from a 3-day course to a one-year modular based event.
All programmes are co-designed with clients so as to ensure relevance, information and inspiration.
For information email info@benrenshaw.com


Developing Leaders

In order to lead others you must keep growing as a leader.

Developing Leaders is grounded in a profound model of leadership that consists of 5 essential elements:
  1. Having a clear identity.
  2. Defining an inspiring vision.
  3. Building authentic relationships.
  4. Creating great performance.
  5. Developing sustainable growth.
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